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Creamy and soft moisturizer for exhausted, dull, lifeless and affected by environmental attacks hair.


36,89€ + VAT

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MAGIC DROPS is a specific cuticular treatment to impart gloss, unravel and to protect hair from external agents. It also repair split ends.


21,31€ + VAT

Product photoAdd to cart Rectangular bruch large.

14,88€ + VAT

Product photoAdd to cart HOT SOCKS DIFFUSER

5,50€ + VAT

Product photoAdd to cart Its formula richi in active ingredients - limnathes alba seed, cycloestrin, grapeseed oil . acts in sinergy to create on the face a strong lifting, antioxidant, antiaging and moisturizing effect. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and fill wrinkles. Gives brightness to the face. Twinset: combine with the lifting serum.

163,93€ + VAT

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Professional travel back pack for hairstylists with opening ad extensible zipper - see photo backpack closed


25,00€ + VAT

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To give a permanent coluration provided by oxidation with a low percentage of ammonia and ph differentiated, with tomato or lycophene extract, wheath germ, olive oil and grape pip oil.


13,12€ + VAT

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The first gel-based permanent colour without alcohol and ammonia. In addition to its excellent colour, the gel cream base rich in natural substances - hamamelide,  sericina and milk proteins - has a protective, soothing, and conditioning effect.


9,84€ + VAT

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Ideal for every type of cutis. Especially for atopic skin or with problem of psoriasis. Shampoo with a base of mud and Umbrian sulphureous thermal water, cleans cutis and hair gently but deeply respecting their vitality, their pH and their hidrolipidic balance. Particularly suitably for treated, natural, fine and exhausted hair. It stimulates the cutis by removing dead cells.


28,93€ + VAT

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OIL FOR COLOUR is a colorant drops, soothing protection, no itching, no reddening. A few drops blended into the colorant are enough to contain a glossy hair tone without itch or irritation.


24,60€ + VAT

Product photoAdd to cart Rectangular bruch medium.

7,44€ + VAT

Product photoAdd to cart HAIR CARE SHAMPOO WITH ACID MILK AND YOUGURT is a creamy and fresh milk-scented shampoo, rich in nutritious and conditioning substances: milk proteins, lactobacillus, olive oil, and mineral.Neutralizes the alkaline residues (dye and permanent)

18,04€ + VAT